Why The Heck Is President Obama Bankrupting The United States?

Just like ObamaCare the Post Office is speaking about rationing service. And just like ObamaCare the Publish Workplace has death panels. Saturday mail delivery is scheduled to die any working day now.

So, these of you who reside in the slow lane must carry on trawling through those health insurance coverage estimates to discover the very best offer. Women in California can celebrate. You've suddenly got relatively cheap health insurance just because you should have it. Men in California get to pay the bills which, like males all over the place, is what they do. Breadwinners of the globe unite. You have only your ladies to assistance.

A few months in the past, Kenneth Gladney was giving out "Don't Tread On Me" flags was attacked by a professional-Obamacare Marketplace Health Insurance union member. The incident which transpired outside a St. Louis city hall meeting, was caught on tape as the purple shirt clad SEIU member beat Gladney to the floor in an unprovoked attack.

In the case of the red ink you display for President Ronald Reagan's two phrases in office; apparently you skipped the reality that spending didn't go down it went up as congress built up the army and the U.S. defeated the Soviet Union here in the Chilly War.

The whole globe is experiencing the ending of an eighty-yr Kondratiev wave business cycle that went way overboard due to wholesale fiat paper money creation and fractional reserve banking. The globe economic climate morphed into an electronic Helath Insurance money development credit inflation climax binge.

So use the time now till Election Day to teach the folks. More than fifty%twenty five don't vote and about 70%25 of the other people that vote are totally misinformed. Some are down correct ignorant about all that issues.

Hopefully my country's populace, nicely at minimum the ones not blinded by hollow promises and BS ensures of "getting even with Conservatives," will see the reality on Sunday, 9-thirteen.

The shrinking safety internet has mostly been ignored by the mainstream media. And the important impact of Occupy was diminished from the onset. By the way, as soon as people started cramming into parks the Congress finally lifted its collective bum off the subject of financial debt ceiling and whether or not to increase it, to analyzing the little return from the extremely rich.

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